Seems All of Philly Wants a Shot at ‘Rocky Balboa’

Oct 20, 2005 | Articles

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By Michael Klein | October 20, 2005

Bill Conti wrote the horn-heavy “Gonna Fly Now” as the theme song from Rocky.

No sooner had the Hollywood press spilled the announcement of a sixth Rocky movie did the masses begin pitching the Greater Philadelphia Film Office in an unprecedented outburst.

Let’s say the word now among Rocky heads is “gonna try now.”

Everybody wants to horn into the act when Rocky Balboa comes here early next year for a few weeks of shooting in star/creator Sylvester Stallone‘s onetime hometown. Most of the film will be produced in Las Vegas.

Marching bands, boxing referees, stand-ins, extras and location owners are volunteering their services, says city film boss Sharon Pinkenson. So are people who had connections to the Philly-shot first, second, third and fifth installments of the popular series.

Yo. Pinkenson advises you to wait. No local casting or other details have been announced.

Stallone, 59, told Daily Variety that he’ll star as an aging widower who reluctantly gets back in the ring “just to compete, not to win.” He also will write and direct.

Burt Young, who played love interest Adrian’s brother Paulie, is expected to return. It’s not clear if Talia Shire, who played Adrian, will be in it. Conti, who scored the three-Oscar-winner, will compose again. And heavyweight boxing champ Antonio Tarver supposedly is in line to play Rocky foil Mason Dixon.


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