New “CREED” Trailer with Lots of Rocky Footage

Sep 14, 2015 | Articles, Videos

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“Your father was a great man to me.”

Both stars of the upcoming Rocky spinoff movie “Creed” took to Twitter on Sunday publishing Tweets anticipating today’s release of a new version of the “Creed” trailer.

Sylvester Stallone (@TheSlyStallone) wrote: “YO, this time tomorrow the NEW #CREED TRAILER hits!” and new star Michael B. Jordan (@Michaelb4Jordan), playing Apollo Creed’s son Adonis, Tweeted: “Get ready! Tomorrow at 4:30 we’re dropping the new trailer! Find something to fight for! #Creed“.

Both actors published new black and white still photographs from “Creed”; Stallone’s shows Rocky Balboa steadying a heavy bag for an off-screen Adonis as he trains in Mickey’s Gym.

Jordan’s photo shows the actor in character as Apollo’s son, getting fight-ready in his dressing room. Jordan is shown wearing a Title brand groin protector and white Grant boxing gloves. Behind him hangs a modern take on Apollo Creed’s famous American flag boxing shorts, this time with CREED embroidered on the waistband.

Stallone and Michael Jordan Tweet Stills from CREED Movie trailer

“You’re still caught in his shadow.” (Rocky to Adonis)

The new trailer is a treasure trove of new footage from Creed, including Rocky taping Adonis’ hands, throwing punches and watching footage from his very first fight with Apollo Creed back in 1976.

The trailer also shows sensitive moments of Rocky falling ill in the ring at Mickey’s Gym and lying in a hospital bed suffering from cancer. Sadly, we also see the gravestone of Paulie’s character who is laid to rest next to Adrian at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, having passed in 2012. Also revealed is a powerful moment with Mary Anne Creed, played by the masterful Phylicia Rashad, who tells her son about having to nurse the beaten and bleeding Apollo Creed at home after his battles in the ring.

The trailer ends with a lighter moment from the film’s modern take of Mickey’s Chicken Chase, and we even caught a glimpse of Rocky’s oldest friends, his turtles Cuff and Link, as well as Rocky’s championship belt and his black tiger jacket that he wore in Rocky II, all stored in his basement.

“You are Apollo Creed’s son. So use the name – it’s yours,” says actress Tessa Thompson as Adonis’ girlfriend.

Just a few weeks after “Creed”s premiere, Sylvester Stallone will be auctioning a massive collection of his personal “Rocky” memorabilia, including the original stars and stripes boxing shorts that he wore on screen in Rocky IV.

“Creed”, whose U.S. tagline is “Your Legacy is More Than a Name”, premieres in theatres nationwide on November 25, 2015. Last week, the international version of the trailer was released, which has some very slight modifications to the original U.S. trailer which debuted back in June.

The film’s updated worldwide release dates, per IMDB, are as follows:

Canada  25 November 2015
USA  25 November 2015
Argentina  26 November 2015
Hungary  26 November 2015
Singapore  26 November 2015
Philippines  2 December 2015
Denmark  3 December 2015
Japan  23 December 2015
Brazil  7 January 2016
Russia  14 January 2016
Netherlands  21 January 2016
Sweden  22 January 2016
Greece  28 January 2016
UK  19 February 2016


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