Best Picks for the Perfect DIY Rocky Halloween Costume

Oct 14, 2016 | Articles

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Halloween is just around the corner, and for Rocky fans, it’s just one more chance to dress up like the Italian Stallion.

We’ve seen some pretty bad commercially produced Rocky Halloween costumes in the past, so we’ve put together our picks for the most authentic Rocky costume you can actually put together yourself. Whether you have a young Rocky fan to dress up, or an old war horse, thankfully Rocky Balboa’s iconic look spans long enough to accommodate every generation of fan.

DIY Rocky Halloween Costume

Let’s start from the ground up with a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers, just like the champ wears. These are perfectly paired with a grungy gray sweatsuit and a blue knit wool cap for Rocky Balboa’s training look.

If you like his Rocky II addition of a red headband, cut a strip of red cloth to tie around your head or buy a real sweatband like this one. We’ve even seen people create a band out of homemade red duct tape. Don’t forget to add some artificial sweat stains to your suit (or create some real ones if you’re jogging while Trick or Treating!).

Homemade Rocky Workout Costume

Classic Rocky Costume

Want Rocky’s street look? The key is the coat. Rocky’s vintage black leather jacket is a uniquely 1970’s design which isn’t very easy to come by these days. Check out our online shop for a totally vintage lookalike version. Modern jackets in faux leather can fall into the $90-$300 range, like this one. If you’re on a budget, check out your local Goodwill – there’s usually a jacket or two that’ll do for a Stallion in a pinch.

Homemade Rocky Halloween Costume

Beneath the leather jacket, Rocky wears an ordinary black turtleneck sweater like this one. On top of the turtleneck, he wears a gray v-neck pullover for warmth kind of like this one. In a pinch, a more simple version of a gray v-neck sweater like this will do.

Don’t forget the hat! Top off the look with Rocky’s signature hat. On film, it looks black, but it’s actually a very dark blue. You can pick up a very similar fedora for around $15 here.

Rocky Halloween Costume for Kids

Here’s a little somethin’ for Rocky Junior. The commercial Rocky costume includes stars and stripes boxing trunks, a satin boxing robe and a fake muscle chest for about $60.

Most parents opt for the homemade approach though – we recommend picking up a kid-sized gray sweatsuit and knit watch cap for your kiddo. Add some fake sweat stains and double down for a pair of children’s Converse All-Stars, just like the sneakers Rocky wore on his runs through Philly in Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky V, Rocky Balboa and even Creed!

Kids Rocky Halloween Costume

Copy Sylvester Stallone’s Clothing

See our wardrobe guides to find out exactly what Sly Stallone wore on screen as Rocky in Rocky II and most recently in Creed.

Whichever way you decide to dress up this holiday season, we wish you a spooktacular Halloween!


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