Celebrate 40 Years of Balboa with the “Best of Rocky” Poll

Nov 20, 2016 | Articles

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November 21, 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the theatrical release of the original Rocky. The day that the world first met the Italian Stallion and the start of an iconic film series that would still be going strong into the 21st century.

To celebrate this special event, Total Rocky has teamed up with Felice Cantatore, author of “Rocky Spirit, the Rocky Balboa Connection to Success” and creator of RockySpirit.org to present a gift to our fellow mega-fans – the first ever “Best of Rocky” survey. Now you can have your voice heard as we all select winners in forty categories to represent the 40 years that the Rocky films have been a part of our lives.

Almost forty years ago on March 28, 1977, Rocky made history by winning the award for “Best Picture,” “Best Director” and “Best Film Editing” but the movie missed out on the “Best Actor” category thus planting a seed.

Decades later on February 28, 2016 Creed fell shy of winning the “Best Supporting Actor” award for Sylvester Stallone’s moving performance, and thus – the Best of Rocky was born.

Now together as ultimate fans, we will “move forward” and “never ever give up” as our voices will be heard on forty categories of greatness within a film franchise so near and dear to our hearts.

The Rocky movies have earned and deserve their own awards program. Every vote we make will turn every moment of these films into the Best of Rocky and the Best of Rocky Balboa.

Step into the Ring with Fans Around the Globe

Step into the ring with Rocky fans from all over the world and choose the best of everything about the entire series.

Please have fun and enjoy being a part of this survey. Thank you for your votes and your desire to always go the distance in life…that’s the ROCKY SPIRIT!




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