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First Training Scene in Rocky

(Philadelphia) Filming location for the very first scene of the original training montage where Rocky jogs through a railroad yard lifting bricks.

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Rocky II Chicken Chase

“If you can catch dis thing, you can catch greased lightning,” Mickey tells Rocky as he chases a chicken during his training.

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South Philly Lifting Club

Rocky and the gang begin training for Balboa’s fight against Mason “The Line” Dixon at an abandoned looking gym in South Philly.

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King David Baptist Church

In a deleted scene from Creed II, Rocky Balboa is seen entering King David Baptist Church in South Philly for Spider Rico’s eulogy.

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Official “Rocky vs. Drago” Trailer Released

Sylvester Stallone and MGM have released the official trailer for the Ultimate Director’s Cut of Rocky IV, retitled “Rocky IV: Rocky vs Drago”, and it is incredible. The 4K picture quality of the trailer alone...

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Apollo Creed’s Mansion

(Philadelphia) Apollo’s money bought Mary Anne Creed this huge estate set in Los Angeles, CA where she brings Adonis Creed to live with her.

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Robert’s Office Building

(Philadelphia) Rocky Jr. works in this modern all-glass building located in Philadelphia. It’s here that Rocky comes to visit his son, and meets Robert’s boss for a photo.

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Viral Video: Adorable Baby Works Out with Rocky

Some of our little Rocky Juniors wear Rocky bibs or onesies. Then there’s Baby Rocky himself. A home video has been making the rounds on Facebook and has climbed its way through major news outlets and all the way to...

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Muhammad Ali Writes Poem to Sylvester Stallone

“You’re a Magnificent International Treasure” For Muhammad Ali’s 60th birthday in 2002, a special televised event was aired to fete the Champ. Sylvester Stallone was one famous friend on hand to honor...

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Rare 1978 TV News Story on Rocky II Deleted Scene

Listen to a rare recording of a television news report broadcast back in 1978 covering the big news of star and director Sylvester Stallone filming a scene for Rocky II. Set at Abraham Lincoln High School in Pennsylvania, Rocky...

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Goodison Park

(Liverpool, UK) Football stadium home to Everton featured the background crowd footage used in the Conlan v. Creed fight.

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If Rocky IV Happened for Real (Parody)

The guys over at College Humor put together a convincingly realistic and hilarious video showing what the world would be like if Rocky IV happened for real. Done in the style of ESPN’s 30 for 30 sports program, the...

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Max’s Steaks

(Philadelphia) Adonis and Bianca have their first date over a Philly cheesesteak.

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