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Yo, Philly! Want to be in Creed 2? There’s still time!

As Creed II’s Philadelphia filming continues this week, some huge surprises were revealed in terms of some major characters from the Rocky series who will be returning in the sequel. Filming of the Drago vs. Creed fight scenes in Philly should be wrapped by Monday. Yesterday, Sylvester Stallone (costumed in his trademark fedora hat and a black leather jacket nearly identical to Rocky’s original black jacket) and director Steven Caple, Jr. shot a scene at Laurel Hill Cemetery where the prop gravestones for Adrian and Paulie were set up, along with a sprinkling of cinematic snow on the ground....

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Sly Stallone on Creed II Filming: “This movie is taking off”

CREED IS “A NEW KING OF THE RING”, SAYS SLY “We had a great day in the ring, well, actually, Creed had a great day in the ring,” Sylvester Stallone tells us via today’s Instagram video, shot in the boxing ring on location in Philadelphia. Stallone – dressed in costume as trainer Rocky Balboa – wears Creed’s blue and white colors and looks strong and healthy. The scene being shot may center around a leaked portion of the Creed II script in which Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) and his son, Vitor (Florian Munteanu), are seated ringside during Adonis’ fight...

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Creed 2: Sly Stallone Announces Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu as Vitor Drago

“Big challenges come in all shapes and forms” Teases Stallone Recently, leaked tidbits from the casting sheet that Hollywood agents have been circulating in their search for the son of Ivan Drago. His name? Vitor Drago. While young UFC fighter Sage Northcutt (and Dolph Lundgren lookalike) expressed interest in playing the young Drago, Sylvester Stallone announced today that 27 year old Romanian boxer and fitness model (per his agency’s website) Florian Munteanu has officially landed the role of Vitor Drago. Per, “‘Creed II’ cast the net for ‘Vitor Drago’, a ‘big fighter’ in his late ‘20s with a...

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