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“Drago” Spinoff Screenplay Gets Antonio Tarver’s Attention

Our Q&A with DRAGO’s screenwriter, Andrew LeMay and his story about Ivan Drago’s life after Rocky IV.

Exclusive! Singer DeEtta Little-West on “Gonna Fly Now”

Exclusive interview with the multi-talented DeEtta Little, singer featured on the soundtracks for ROCKY and ROCKY II.

Why did Sylvester Stallone Agree to Star in “Creed”?

Why allow Rocky Balboa to suffer from cancer in the new “CREED” film? Filmmaker Ryan Coogler explains that the inspiration came from his own life.

Interview with ROCKY IV Composer Vince DiCola

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of Rocky IV‘s release and as a special...

Sylvester Stallone to Auction “Rocky” and “Rambo” Memorabilia

Get ready for autumn, Rocky fans, because some of Sylvester...

Rocky and Paulie’s House in “Rocky Balboa”

(Philadelphia) In 2006’s ‘Rocky Balboa’, the first time we see Rocky, its in this house, located in his old Kensington, Philadelphia neighborhood.

Mickey Goldmill’s Cemetery

(Los Angeles) Mickey’s Jewish funeral scene was filmed in Los Angeles inside Hollywood Forever Cemetery, in the Beth Olam Mausoleum.

Arched Bridge in Philly Training Montage

(Philadelphia) Filming location for riverside bridge Rocky Balboa runs past during his “Gonna Fly Now” training montage in Philly.

Siberian Cabin in Russia

Jackson Hole, Wyoming stood in for Russia when Rocky went to live on a rustic farm and train in the Siberian Wilderness for his fight with Drago.

Demolished Ice Skating Rink

(Los Angeles) The empty ice skating rink where Rocky takes Adrian for their first date on Thanksgiving night.

“You Take My Heart Away” Funky German Hip-Hop Version

We never thought we’d hear this one, but don’t underestimate...

Alternate Take on Frank Stallone’s “Take You Back” from Rocky III

Also known as “Street Corner Song From Rocky“, the song...

ROCKY IV “Training Montage” Cover Track by Northern Kings

Finnish symphonic metal cover group Northern Kings recorded their own...

Vocal Clips in Re-Mix of “Gonna Fly Now”

Awesome remix of Bill Conti’s “Gonna Fly Now” using sound...

Music: Rocky V Street Fight Soundtrack

The musical track that plays beneath Rocky and Tommy Gunn’s street fight in Rocky V.

Paulie Talks to TMZ: Burt Young on New “Creed” Movie

In January, 2015, TMZ released an excerpt from a telephone interview with...

TMZ Asks Carl Weathers About New “ROCKY” Movie

Back in February, tabloid TV show TMZ approached actor Carl Weathers in Los...

“Creed” Movie Trailer Debuts During “Terminator” Opening

IT’S HERE. Get ready for some goosebumps, Rocky fans. The Italian...

Action Figures Recreate Paulie’s Birthday Party Scene

Enjoy another creative stop-motion video by our pals at Eccentric Views on...

Bill Conti Interview & “Rocky” Performance on Piano

Access Hollywood’s 1990’s era interview with “Rocky”...


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